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Natural Sea Shell + Cherry Wood + TPU base

Quick Snap-on/Snap-off application

Natural Feel and Finish

Protect your phone when in bumping

Precision molded cases to perfectly fit your iphone6 / Iphone 6+

Each in designed Acrylic plastic packaging box


Shell has a charming natural luster and color waves.
In ancient time, sea shell was used as money.
A century ago, the European aristocracy use shell as luxury necklace, shells were also polished into elite status symbol buttons.
In recent years, the jewelry class shellfish jewelry began more and more popular between people who pursue natural. Sine each piece of shell ornaments has its unique color and texture; it can meet consumer demand for personalized accessories.

Natural sea shell not only hard enough to resist deep sea water pressure, it also has special shapes, bright colors and beautiful patterns. It is most fascinating creatures in natural. After grinding process it is widely used in the fashion accessories. For the shell phone case that is new idea for pursuit natural, so that each shell phone case from 3DKNIGHT becomes unique creative idea.

Natural Sea Shell + Cherry Wood + TPU base


Wipe with a soft cloth